Our services


Apart from general content translations, we offer specialized translations in the following areas:

  • Legal texts (contracts, court decisions, agreements, legislative statutes, actions, minutes, powers of attorney, notarial deeds etc.)
  • Medical texts (scientific articles, medical reports, examinations, prescriptions, treatment methods, etc.)
  • Information Technology and Telecommunications (manuals, product description leaflets etc.)
  • Financial texts (balance sheets, banking and financial documents, tax returns, notices of assessment, business plans and reports etc.)
  • Technical texts (architectural projects, user and operation manuals, technical specifications and plans etc.)
  • Tourism (travel guides, brochures, restaurant menus etc.)
  • Certificates (driving licenses, transcripts, high school graduation certificates, certificates of studies, prior employment certificates, pension certificates, diplomas, birth certificates, marriage certificates and relevant documentation, criminal records, passports, ID Cards, military recruitment certificates etc.)
  • Websites
  • Student projects (scientific articles, theses, scientific terminology etc.)


We also offer interpreting services. We work together with reliable and experienced professional interpreters, fully complying with your deadlines and ensuring communication quality.

We provide any technological equipment required for conference interpreting (e.g. booths, audiovisual equipment).